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Aug. 25th, 2007

Oh wow. I've found this and I think that somehow describes me to a degree....


Autism is a comprehension which is difficult to descibe in a few words. Nowadays often is referred to the autism-spectrum. In this spectrum a number of autistic disorders are described as for example Asperger, PDD and MDD. Because autism is such a wide comprehension, one can state that this finds expression in different ways in each single patient. Common characteristic is that the disorder lies in the communication ability, which also can express in many different ways. The autistic sepctrum is also often descibred as the pervasive (free translation: intruding) disorders, although this term might be even more enclosing. Autistic disorders already appear on an early age.



Contactdisorder, either holding aloof, either talking very much. In the last case it is one-direction only. In both cases however, the patient thinks other humans are inscrutable and entering in to other people is an elusive thing to him/her.

Communication disorder, often strange use of words, an exclusive way of using the voice and often falling back to repeating oneselve. Expression of feelings is very difficult

 A small world, people with an autistic disorder only have interest for a few matters and totally focus on these, they can be busy with something very simple (in perspective of other people) for a long timespan and come back to it over and over again.

They have difficulties imagining something that lies in the past or the future. They are rapidly distracted by thoughts and have troubles in preparing on things that are going to happen and need simple pictures that make things clear which are not happening over here and right now.


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