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I just died XD

omg!! hahaha! I'm had my japanese culture class today and guess what the lecturer mentioned? y.a.o.i!!


our topic today was Japan: Metro Culture. She mentioned Otaku which led to Anime/Manga which led to YAOI!! She showed us this clip of "Maiden's Road" (Otome...something). The guy interviewed two random pass-by girls who was carrying pullies, and when she unzipped the contents, there's HEAPS of doujinshi there! (the top one showed HnG Akira/hikaru). Then the guy did a quick flip through the pages. (though there was no smexing). 

I'd imagine this to be a culture shock to some people but to most, I'm sure they've read manga and bet they know what BL is.  

I was just squirming in my seat and I felt my face burn...

this is definately my favourite lesson!! though I'd wish she go into more details about it.....


Dec. 27th, 2007


Calm down, calm down! Your deadly sin is wrath!


We don't want to make you angry, but...you're guilty of Wrath. Your answers reveal that you have a weakness for throwing a wobbly a bit too often. (Perhaps you're suppressing some bitterness - if so, try to get to the bottom of it.) There's definitely more to life than yelling at people and devising different means to intimidate them. You may be able to release some of your pent-up anger by joining a gym. Or, go the other direction and buy some scented candles and give yoga a try. Next time you feel like exploding, fight to keep your temper under control and try to find a way to express yourself in a manner that won't offend others.

Why is wrath so bad? According to early religious scholars, wrath destroys kindness. They believed anger must be regulated, lest it pervert the growth and well being of the soul. Try to temper quick impatience with tolerance and compassion, especially since mediaeval Italian poet Dante Alighieri wrote that wrath, along with pride and envy, is one of the deadliest of the seven sins.



Your Score: ENFP

You scored 40% introversion, 57% intuition, 21% thinking, and 50% judging!


This personality test is heavily based on the Kiersey Sorter. In essence, it measures your personality across four variables: Introversion-Extraversion, Intuition-Sensing, Thinking-Feeling and Judging-Percieving. There are both positive and negative attributes to each of the traits.

Introversion-Extraversion: Generally, people who score high on "introversion" are reserved, quiet people who keep to themselves whereas people who score low on "introversion" are outgoing, friendly people who are extraverts.
Intuition-Sensing: People who score high on "intuition" are guided by gut instinct, they go on intuition as opposed to people who score low on this trait, who prefer to rely on established fact and their senses, rather than their own belief.
Thinking-Feeling: People with high scores on "thinking" rely more on their head to make decisions, whereas people who score low on "thinking" rely more on their heart to guide them. (Note: this has no bearing on a person's intelligence level; it merely refers to the way in which they make desicions.)
Judging-Percieving: People who score high "judging" are firm, decisisive people, whereas people who score low on this trait are flexible, accomodating people.


Stats: Approximately 8% of population.
DN characters with this type: Mello, Sayu Yagami, Matsuda & Misa Misa.
In a nutshell: "Giving life an extra squeeze."

Desciption: Enthusiastic, idealistic, and creative. Able to do almost anything that interests them. Great people skills. Need to live life in accordance with their inner values. Excited by new ideas, but bored with details. Open-minded and flexible, with a broad range of interests and abilities.

The category write-ups displayed here are not entirely my own; some of this info has been taken from personalitypage.com and some from changingminds.org, both of which are excellent sources of information about personality types. The test questions came in part from Please Understand Me II, another excellent source of information about personality types. Finally, if you'd like an incredibly detailed essay on your personality type, try typelogic.com who have a serious level of detail for anyone wanting to know more about this subject.

The Deathnote pics were made by me using scans by TOWNL and from deathgod.org. Thanks to LateNiteSlacker and Uchiha_Shadow for helping me categorize the various characters.

Want see who else you might have been, or what types the other DN characters are? For your own personal information...

Light Yagami | L | Near | Mello | Misa Misa | Ryuk | Rem | Raye Penber | Soichiro Yagami | Matsuda | Mogi | Aizawa | Ide | Naomi Misora | Rester | Hal Lidner | Mat | Watari | Sayu Yagami | Kyomi Takada | Teru Mikami

And typewise:


Thanks for taking my test, I hope you enjoyed!


Link: The Jung Type Death Note Test written by the_hamster on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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Major Quiz

Oct. 6th, 2007

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if you can raed tihs psas it on !!

Well I've found this very interesting article: 

What makes people gay?

Your Score: Masculine

You scored 56% masculinity and 36% femininity!

You scored high on masculinity and low on femininity. You have a traditionally masculine personality.

Link: The Bem Sex Role Inventory Test written by weirdscience on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

That would explain my preference I guess  :D

Sep. 28th, 2007

"...Because players make strong conclusions by themselves,
I want to leave room for everyone's line of thought..."

"Honestly, I don't care who loves whom. I think you could imagine the scenarios that we don't mention however you want to. You could enjoy talking about that with your friends."

-Tetsuya Nomura about Kingdom Hearts

*yay for free shipping!! (and I dont mean transport wise)